How to compile lua scripts

I’m working with learning how to use the lua script component, but it seems like when I make a change to a script then save and go back to the editor, the changes are not reflected when I run the game. I either have to remove the lua script component and re-add it, or sometimes I have to restart lumberyard.

I have been working extensively with Lua scripts recently and have had no problem with them updating when saving.

  1. What version of LY?

  2. How are you implementing the script? Component entity? Standard entity? Other?


1.7 but this still occurred in 1.6

The Lua Script component entity.

Is is because my setup assistant doesn’t have ‘compile game code’ and ‘compile lumberyard editor and tools’ checked? I’ll try installing all required plugins for those and seeing if that helps, although I was pretty sure I did in 1.6… [EDIT - did this, and the scripts still don’t want to update]

Hi, I have the same issues. The Lua scripts are not refreshed every time after Saving them in LuaIde Editor. As a workaround please try turn on debug mode and add breakpoint inner then usually script are updated to fresh one.

Are you still having the problem? We’ve seen an issue that is similar to this that is happening sometimes in certain cases which should be fixed for 1.8.

Hi, I need decompile file luac to lua. Someone help me please. Thanks

link file (you can edit)