How to create a controlable character like the controlersphere?

i’m new to this engine and i want to make a controlable character just like the controlersphere(or what ever its called). how exactly can i do this?

Hey @Voriton,

to clarify, by controller sphere you mean the Sphere_Controller prefab robot character that comes with SamplesProject, correct? It’s mainly driven by physics and is built through FlowGraph, so if this is what you’re looking for then I’ve included some extra information around this.

We currently do not have a good tutorial or walkthrough for how to set this up, but you can always look at the FlowGraph setup to get an idea of what is happening. I would recommend opening the Levels/Samples/Camera_Sample level and looking at the 10_Character_Controller
FlowGraph. You can find it by opening FlowGraph and navigating through the Level Flowgraphs > Entities and you can find it listed there, or you can always select the 10_Character_Controller FlowGraph Entity in the level and right-click on it.

Hope that helps as a starting point. Someone from the community may have other recommendations as well for getting started.

I would love to see a video tutorial/guide on how to do this as well! I have been trying to figure it out for quite a bit of time and I also agree with Ajia, you will need to go through the dev tutorials and examine a couple of guides. These are the couple of things I needed to know before I could create recreate the controller prefab robot:

Camera Control

Flow graph and their nodes

  • Vectors, Entity, Physics, FaceEntity, GetPos, Logic

Tag Points


  • Parent,

Action Maps

  • ActionHandler, movefoward

I would love to make a tutorial about this in the future when I am more experienced with the engine, but for now, we can only hope for someone more experienced. Great question by the way.