How to debug Lumberyard game with Visual Studio?

The game project is just a dll so it can’t be run.

I’ve tried the the project <Project_Name>DedicatedLauncher, and see that it can be run but it’s just a server management as console (I think).

Does anyone know how to debug Lumberyard game with Visual Studio?

Step 1. Build debug. Step 2. Set Editor as the startup project. The “Editor” project is in Sandbox folder; select this. Under the project menu select “Set as Start up project”. Step 3. Hit F5 and start debugging.

The first time you do this it will take a long time to load symbols from the symbol server. Hit cancel if you just want to test it. You can also debug the asset processor this way by setting the asset processor to the start up project.

ops, my current config (default) is [All] Debug_dedicated, if I change to [All] Debug then it may take a day to rebuild. But I’m more interesting in debug for the game-only (I mean game without the editor), can I do that?

Sorry, I have only been debugging using the Editor. Honestly, I have not gotten far enough in my game to try debugging just the game. Maybe someone else knows…