How to disable sunlight, eliminate skybox, set a background color and ambient light?

In render settings I can disable the skybox, but this is not removed and the sun continues to generate shadows.

I would replace the skybox and environmental lighting for background color and ambient light.

Hey @kaito,

After some digging around, there doesn’t seem to be an actual way of removing the skybox itself, just disabling it through the render settings like you’ve already done. You can also disable the sun by setting the cvar e_Sun=0.

As for setting the background color, you could approach it a couple different ways:

  • Depending on your use case, you could just create a giant skydome with a flat shader to achieve the solid background color.
  • You can also try playing around more with the Time of Day settings. This will take a bit of time to make adjustments to figure out a good balance for what you want, but you can achieve a solid background color through fog.
    Let us know if you figure out a workaround.