How to do game session migration to handle spot interruption?

Hi, anyone tried spot fleets? How are you doing game session migration on spot interruption? And it is mentioned in the this link that game server should be prepared to handle unexpected interruptions. How do we do that? What’s the better way to handle these ?

Hopefully others will answer with their experiences. How to handle interruptions is strongly influenced by your game design.

But somethings to consider:

  • FleetIQ will isolate you a lot from Spot interruptions. At the very worst combinations, if you use combinations of Spot and OnDemand fleets, you may pay OnDemand prices for a small period.
  • Typically, developers see Spot interruption rates lower than their background server crash/failure rate. Obviously your mileage may vary depending on game session length, instance types and regions in use.
    • You can see the GameSession interruption metrics on your dashboard or you can instrument your own to verify your experience.
  • When you get a OnProcessTerminate notice you can request the termination time (see GetTerminationTime)
    • The time returned is best effort, but is typically 1-2 minutes before the process will be force terminated
    • You can make a decision about what to do then, but the strong recommendation is to terminate your process gracefully, but you could:
      • Let the game finish if time allows
      • Use game session backfill features to move players to existing game sessions
      • Trigger a game event that makes sense in your game context and terminate.
      • Migrate players to a new game session with suitable messaging.
      • Message the players and reward them with ingame items/boost in the next game
      • etc.
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Okay , thankyou @Pip