How to edit .cgf models?

I have .cgf models for my game and they need a few adjustments, but there seems to be no way to export the models to work on them they are stuck in .cgf. Any help?!

Hi You can’t edit .cgf models as they are finalized for import into the engine. This is the old Cryengine format workflow where the model is made using Maya or 3dsmax. If you have the source files you can edit it in 3dsmax or Maya or blender. And export it to FBX format.

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Thx @William-1Nakata Great Help!! :grin:

just two pictures…

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Hi @fluffy thanks for the pics. Helpful.

Hello William

As a rule of thumb your original art models should be saved in your DCC tool original format first for example in Blender *.blend then exported as *.fbx then imported to Lumberyard.

To edit the model simply edit your model in your DCC tool in this case Blender then export *.fbx then import to lumberyard.

That would work great @NorthEGames I will use that way also, same with @fluffy, because both will be needed for different objects. Thank you to all who commented here to help me and anyone else out with this problem. :grinning: