How to fix it

Hey. After the next launch, the panel became white. How to fix it?

please you first publish log text , thank you

[ 8] [System] $4[Error] E:\Lumberyard\dev\Vegetation@VegetationVS(800000)(DX1)(309,3-15): warning X3206: implicit truncation of vector type [ 5] [System] $4[Error] E:\Lumberyard\dev\Vegetation@VegetationVS(800000)(DX1)(577,3-45): error X3017: cannot convert from ‘float4[6]’ to ‘float4’ [ 3] [System] $4[Error] E:\Lumberyard\dev\Vegetation@VegetationVS(800000)(DX1)(578,3-45): error X3017: cannot convert from ‘float4[6]’ to ‘float4’

please you send a log file for all details for fix this bug/bugs in lumberyard 1.19 :wink: