How to fix sprint lag and material editor lag?


I had some problems with the performance of Lumberyard v1.10 (with GameSDK).

I have fixed it by downloading lumberyard v1.9 (with GameSDK).

The performance is better in version 1.9 (~100 fps) but when I go to Gamemode and spawn in First person and I try to sprint or look around I get a very annoying lag.

And the Material editor is slow and crashes a lot!

How to fix this? All my drivers are updated so I don’t think that is a problem? Does Anybody else have that problem?

Thank you,

Hey @LifelessTapir, very sorry for the troubles on this. The Material Editor lag / crash is a known bug for us and we’re targeting a fix ASAP. The performance aspect is interesting — I’ve reported this issue to our team for further investigation :slight_smile:

Alright Thank you!

Hi @LifelessTapir,

Thank you for your questions and information on your experiences. Wanted to ask some questions to get to the bottom of this. Are your performance issues in 1.10 present only in GameSDK or are they present in other projects? For the Material Editor when you say slow do you see a framerate drop or general responsiveness issues? Could you provide a series of steps that result in a crash that would help in attempting to reproduce the scenario? Starting with answers to these questions would be very helpful in providing a solution. Looking forward to hearing back.

I have got that problem on every version and Project but it’s shorter and only if I jump (with that robot and chicken). But in the GameSdk it’s extreme.

In the Material Editor it takes a long time to select a Texture/material and that leads to a crash. When the Material Editor is active the Editor’s framerate is low.

When I want to place an object or when I paint the terrain the Editor freezes. Not always*

I hope you find this usefull! Thank you.

Hi @LifelessTapir,

Thanks for providing answers it has been helpful. Wanted to get a few more details. Your performance issues are most prominent in GameSDK but show up in other projects as well. To clarify,are the performance issues while using the Material Editor also found in other projects besides GameSDK? Does selecting a material always lead to a crash for you? For the low framerate while the Material Editor is active could you provide the before and after framerate values?

For the Editor freezing when placing an object or painting terrain how frequently does that occur and do certain additional actions cause it to occur more frequently? A series of steps that lead to the issues your experiencing in 1.10 would be ideal for finding out what is causing them. Thanks again for the additional information.

The material editor in the GameSDK is slower than in other projects. No, selecting a material doesn’t always lead to a crash.

Before ~90 fps opening the Material Editor, after opening ~40fps (with annoying framedrops which I also get when I sprint).

Editor freezing is not frequently, but if it once freezed and then unfreezed it keeps freezing and unfreezing.

I think the crashes are random. And the framerate is probably related to the amount of materials.

Thank you,

Hi @LifelessTapir,

Wanted to check to see if this issue is still occurring for you. Have you updated to 1.11 and are these issues still present? I will note that GameSDK is no longer being supported. However both the Starter Game and Samples Project projects contain great examples of Lumberyard features and practices. I’d also be interested in whether you are still experiencing crashes.