How to freeze/lock the rotation of a BasicEntity?


I’m trying to create a first person character using FlowGraphs, but I can’t seem to find a way to freeze/lock the rotation of a physics entity (Basic Entity).

(Screenshot so you get the idea of my flow graph:

Right now I’m using a sphere without friction, which sort of works, but it slowly rolls downhill (also with friction).

I believe the way to solve this is using a capsule mesh with a frozen/locked rotation and with some friction, but without a locked rotation it just falls over.

Does anyone know how I would be able to do this? C++, Lua or FlowGraphs are all fine.

Here’s a simple video of my problem:

I’ll try that :slight_smile: Thanks for your reply and feature request, greatly appreciated!

Hello @Jellevdg3,

Have you tried using LivingEntity instead of BasicEntity? They are better suited for characters and movable objects. As far as I’m aware, there currently isn’t a way to lock/freeze rotation on a given axis. I will add that as a feature request.

Also, I would recommend checking out the new Components System which is replacing the old entity-behavior system.