How to get google benchmark to work

I’m not sure where to put my built google benchmark to get it to work. It’s lumberyard/3rdParty/benchmark/1.2.0/[What goes here?]

What is the structure of that directory supposed to be?

I just put my build folder that I created when following the build instructions for benchmark.
-*various vs files

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I am interested in an answer to this question also.

As far as I know you shouldn’t need to build Google Benchmark separately to Lumberyard. I believe Benchmark is downloaded as a third party dependency (in the 3rdParty folder) and built alongside Lumberyard (as opposed to being built on its own). If you search for the BENCHMARK macro you should be able to find some examples of Lumberyard code using the library, and if you look in the wscript file closest to the files you find then you’ll see how that executable/library links against Benchmark.

Sorry not to be more help, let me know if you have any luck and I can have a little dig into it some more tomorrow.

Apologies I think what I said was slightly wrong. Benchmark should already be built and available to download to the 3rdParty folder, it is not compiled as part of a Lumberyard build but is linked in. As far as I know you shouldn’t need to build it yourself. I’d check out the examples I mentioned as a place to start. Thanks!