How to get perforce to add files

I set my Perforce server/workspace settings in the editor and when I mouse over the P4 icon it says Perforce Online so it appears to be connected to my workspace. I also deliberately set some incorrect details to see what would happen and I got an error. After connecting to test it out I created a new level. I would expect this to add some files to my repository but none have been added to the change list in P4V. What am I doing wrong?

The ‘is online’ notification is sometimes not that correct I’m afraid.
Do you have some level in P4 that you can change and save, to see if it will prompt you for Check-out the file?

If this is the case then you might have to add new levels manually (but as far as I have tested it, that should work over the p4 plugin in LY).

If you wont get prompted for Check-out, then the settings are not correct for the plug-in.
Try changing the login values (by clicking on the P4 icon in the bottom bar of Lumberyard) or setting environment variables for your workspace.

(open a command prompt and type p4 set P4CLIENT=myworkspacename
as well as
p4 set P4PORT=myPerforceURL (it must be the same that is stated in your workspace setting, you can check the setting if you open the perforce gui, go into the workspace view pane, right click workspace, edit workspace, see whats set up there).