How to get reflection on water volume?

HI!I tried to create a swimming pool and make a water wolume, then assgin a water volume material to it.But no matter what I did I just can’t get reflection on water surface.

And I can’t check realtime reflection option in water volume material.After I checked ,it will automatic uncheck ?I’m using the latest build.

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Edit:Seems I got the same issue,no enviroment slot…


Well,I have to use water_001.mtl in Featuretests folder which already has a environment texture slot.Why the new created Watervolume material doesn’t have that slot…

I have debugged this issue in the editor. Here is what is happening (hopefully someone from amazon is listening):

When the shader generation options are changed (by clicking the checkbox for realtime reflections), the code ends up checking the material to see if it is compatible with the new shader generation options. The option for realtime reflections has a requirement that you have selected an environment map. Since you don’t have an environment map (you cant because the option to select one doesn’t exist until you enable the option) the code decides that you have selected an invalid option and clears it. The code that does this is found in CShaderMan::mfModifyGenFlags.

A workaround is to copy a water material that is already set up and modify it rather than trying to create the material from scratch.

I asked something similar and another workaround was found for getting an environment texture slot to show up and thus being able to check real time reflections:

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Thanks for sharing the workaround and observations. All of this is very valuable information and key for us in improving Lumberyard. I’ve added these our feedback list for further action! (And from myself, +1 on needing a visible option for environment map)

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I am a Technical Artist on the Lumberyard team. I am going to read through this and get you some more information in regards to what is happening. Stay tuned!


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After evaluating, there is definitely a bit of a bug here. I am escalating this to our product team for review. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

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Wanted to update you, our product team has alerted me that this issue is targeted for a fix in the next release. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention! Keep an eye out on future versions!


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That’s really great! I’m happy to see this engine gets better and better :D(sorry for the late reply…)

What about the overall improvement of real-time reflections? If you look, the engine uses several types of real-time reflections, and all of them have a bunch of their shortcomings.

Reflections of WaterVolume, it is not bad, but there are drawbacks. (The particles and the spec from the point light sources are not reflected, Geometry in the immediate vicinity of WaterVolume begins to distort and looks bad. Of the merits! WaterVolume reflects everything that is in the field of view of the camera, the objects at a distance are reflected almost like in a mirror).

Real-time reflections Illum shader, has even more shortcomings than the reflection of WaterVolume. (There are no reflections of everything that enters the camera’s vision field, only what is in the immediate vicinity of the reflecting surface is reflected, reflections consist of segments looks terrible, smoothness only in gauss, does not allow to create a smooth softening of reflection)

The ocean has a third type of real-time reflections and looks different. Perhaps this is not a very significant rendering technology, that Amazon and Crytek do not pay attention to the improvement of this technology in their engines. But all the same from the quality of real-time reflections, it depends how the glossy materials in the engine will look. Therefore, I would like to see one quality type of real-time reflection for all types of shaders Stochastic Screen-Space Reflections as an example

I have thought about the same thing.For now, I really hope they can improve the quality of SSR and add a planer reflections…

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This is fantastic feedback and we truly appreciate you taking the time to bring your suggestions to our attention. I have sent this directly to our product team so it is on their radar. We are constantly looking to improve and develop our tech and your feedback really helps us with that!

Thanks again, and be sure to keep an eye on our release notes for new improvements and features as they come online!


Please SSR at current time is high priority graphic part of the engine now.

Everything around need for reflection. PBR need for reflection!

I hope SSR + Reflection Probes will be available as soon as possible to improve overall quality of the showcase.

You can use reflection probes now. You have to either copy a working example water material or edit your .mtl file in a text editor. The easiest way is to just find a water material from one of the sample projects and copy it.