How to implement destructible terrain?


I’m currently checking out LY and I’m fairly new in game development, so please bear with me if I’m not using the appropriate terms.

What I would like to achieve is a level where the terrain itself can be modified/destroyed by various interactions at runtime, e.g. digging in the ground, building tunnels through mountains, explosions leaving a crater… you get the idea.

I’ve read that it might be possible with altering the heightmap at runtime, though as far as I understand this, this does not allow building tunnels.

As I’m not really familiar with what is actually possible with LY and CE, I would like your ideas on that topic.

I’ve seen dynamic destruction in some demos already, but never on a level-scale, at least not in any CE-Game.

Is this even possible with the current terrain system?

Or do I need to implement it myself?

You can use the PhysicsX provided with the new update to accomplish this

Hi @RandomProgrammer, the current terrain system doesn’t support that level of destruction at runtime. You can expose the ability to modify the heightfield at runtime, but that won’t let you tunnel through it. For that you’d need a voxel terrain system which doesn’t come out of the box with Lumberyard. I do know of at least one game developer that has implemented voxel terrain with Lumberyard and maybe you could reach out?