How to import OpenFlight or MetaFlight terrains?

I’m looking to use some OpenFlight (.flt) and MetaFlight (.mft) formats of terrain and objects. Originally in CryEngine, I found a couple of posts of people using a blender extension to import objects/terrains and export them as .cgf files. I currently use Blender with the CryBlend add-on to create .cgf files.

This requires an old version of Python and Blender, and it seems some have not gotten this working. Is there any easier way of doing this in Lumberyard now?

Hi @jpnaterer,

This is just an idea, I haven’t tried it, but could you import your terrain into Blender and then export it as an FBX? You may need to get the FBX exporter extension for Blender. Then you could use the FBX importer to get it into Lumberyard.

Docs here:

You might be able to bake the mesh down to a heightmap (that’s what the engine takes for an imported terrain).

If you can get it into Unity, then maybe you could use something like this:

And export it out to obj.

Hi @petrocket,

Blender no longer supports importing .flt files. There was an addon for Blender 2.4, but I have not been able to get that version working on Windows 7. Troubleshooting with older programs like that seems not fit for the Lumberyard forums. Do you know of any other open-source software that can import OpenFlight, or more preferably MetaFlight files? If I can get the terrain into an OBJ or FBX file I would know how to convert it into a terrain

Hi @cozzbp

This is what I am currently looking into now. I just don’t know how to convert OpenFlight/MetaFlight into a heightmap.

Currently in Unity, someone has written a script to import OpenFlight terrains directly, so I know that it is possible for alternatives rather than the heightmap option.

Just found a way to convert OpenFlight formats into more friendly model formats such as .3ds or .obj .

Check it out:

Supported Formats: