How to link new GEM with LyShine


i have created a new gem in the lumberyard launcher. i want to link the LyShine project from the cryEngine to my GEM in order to create UI-Elements. Visual studio is able to inlcude the files without errrors but when compiling the GEM a Linking error occurs.

i have changed the project properties (additional includes) with no success, i have added a reference with no sucess, i have added lyshine to the waf build files (use = “LyShine”), all with no success.

what am i doing wrong?

Hi @FunkyUserName

Can you please provide the specific linker errors you are getting? use = ‘LyShine’ should work, I’d be curious to see which symbols are missing.

Also, if the code you’re using to call into LyShine (the “referenced from:” section of the error) is simple, could you post that too?

i am getting this:

i can definitly exclude wrong definition or declaration issues.

and after messing around with VS13 settings my project configurator doesnt start up anymore. log file:

[Warning] Failed to load GemRegistry module. (d:\ly\workspace\PKG_R3\dev\Code\Tools\ProjectConfigurator\code\main.cpp, int __cdecl main(int,char *[]):346))