How to make ambient sound in bounds of trigger area?

Hi! recently I wathed this video from MisterToolbox mr.Toolbox

But I’m just do not know how to setup AMB-FX with new components (

So plz tell me how to setup Ambient sound fx in some area volume?


Ok, guys now I have something working
but I still do not know how you are send “rtpc_distance” into Wwise. Recently I was taked a look on the StarterGame scripts and do not found any usage of the rtpc_distance (GameParamerers for Wwise) Only thing that I found is - rtpc_playerHeight in character’s controller script. And it’s strange because then you in game mode in StarterGame, and far from some Slices you hear SFX with low sound volume (from certaint slice) and if you moved closer to it you hear same object much more. So how you manage the rtpc_distance and where ?

I’m taken a look on sources of “AudioRtpcComponent.cpp” I think you sending (certain rtpc) on activation. but how and where you are interpolate this rtpc to value range(0…1) or to value range(0…100) ? because in wwise you have setup for triggers to use certain range in rtpc. Just for example in StarterGame you have setup for “rtpc_playerHeight” as (0 …100 ) ranage, but in same time your “rtpc_distance” have (0…1) range, how then it’s working if distances from some spawned Slice (with AMB SFX) and Jack are more then just 0…1 range ?

heh well, after all my tryings with adjusting all kinda custom and build-in rtpc game-params.

I found more easy way to do the same.

In Wwise you need to create just ShareSets::Attenuation.

just create Attenuation with proper max distance and fade curve.

Set this new attenuation for your SwithContainer and after this you will be ably to set 3D panning for your SwithContainer and all sounds SFX within it will be have distance fade by curve and 3D pan!

for example StarterGame have a lot types of attenuation, I suppose it’s for all kind of props in game