How to make an fps character with script canvas that collides with the terrain when moved not float through it?

I want to make a character with script canvas, but every time I do it will go through all objects know matter if i add mesh collider or anything else any help? Thx

what i did was use the starter game project in fact that has become my project home because i can always change all the names when i am ready to release my game. There is a character controller in it, play with it & spend time studying the lua scripts & the animation editor as for the script canvas take it slow, learning & experimenting with it, i don’t even use it. Stick with the legacy stuff for starters the new stuff will sometimes not work right, anything legacy have a higher chance of being stable & anything new they come up with requires testing & time. Look at & play with all the game samples & establish a solid pipeline, know your DCC well & prepare all you assets before hand, i did all my characters, animations & other assets for the game before i started that made my game dev flow smoother.

Thank you for the response it is very helpful.


please see two lessons :

Lesson09-Make a FPS_TPS-Part 01-ScriptCanvas node base-Amazon Lumberyard 1.18

Lesson10-Make a FPS_TPS-Part02-ScriptCanvas node base-Amazon Lumberyard 1.18


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