How to make the terrain green?

Hi all. I want the terrain green, just like hills. I don’t need the trees, grasses. I just want it looks something like wild. But I don’t know how to make the terrain green.
Thank you if you give me some clue.

Ok first thing you need to do is go into tools in the top corner, down to material editor. Step 2 is create a new material and for now no new textures just set the diffuse to a darker green color, and for the shader under the image of the green sphere should be set to “Terrain.layer”. Then go back into tools, down to “other”, and into Terrain Texture Layers. Then Add a layer name it whatever, and make sure in the material editor you have the green material selected, and in the Terrain Texture Layers window click “Assign Material” in the left side when selected on the newly created layer. Now if you go into the “Terrain Tool”, and “Layer Painter” you will see your new Green material ready to use.

Easy Test Method : you can just go into the “Terrain Tool” “Layer Painter” and when Selected on the default Material, change the color tint in there to green to get a green default material. This is not recommended, but it could work just to see a certain color in an area easily. :+1:


Hi @WashedUpStudios,
I think this is your “Easy Test Method”. I’m trying your “Formal Method”. Thank you!

No problem I hope you can get your terrain looking exactly how you want it to!

Hi @WashedUpStudios,
Here is what I did, I don’t know if I’m correct. I don’t know why that in Step 3 is not as green as that in Step 1. Thank you a lot!
Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Hi you can turn down the brightness in the terrain tool to get a darker look, but the green will show more. The brightness on the layer painter just adds more white to your material over the top to get the brighter appearance.