How to open a AWS GameLift Log?

I have downloaded a log with AWS CLI using this command:

aws gamelift get-game-session-log --game-session-id arn:aws:gamelift:eu-central-1::gamesession/fleet-95a27d37-2f31-4bcf-877d-74f0aa2ea5d8/gsess-ab96ff98-ac23-40c6-9db8-6b2f01effa28 --save-as gamelift_log.txt

The log has been saved in C:\Users\YourUsername

Now I want to know how I can open it.

As per documentation the file that will be saved will be in “zip” format, make sure to include “.zip” extension to the file name provided to “–save-as” parameter.

After the file has been saved, you will need to extract contents from zip file and then open the log files inside with a text editor