How to optimize character (model & animation) for Lumberyard's EMotionFX using Maya?

I see that export character from Maya to Lumberyard’s EMotionFx is really easy, just use Maya’s build-in Game Export and everything just works, big thank to Lumberyard.

But how can I make sure this character is optimized? I worry that it export some unnecessary thing like Maya’s scene ref, rig control,…

Is there any tips, tutorial for optimize exporting a character from Maya to EMotionFx.

Hi @HDN - if you are using Maya’s Game Exporter, the simplest way to reduce the number of elements that you pass from your Maya scene into your FBX file is to use the “Export Selected” option instead of “Export All”. This way, you only export elements from your scene that you need for various things in the engine.

If you are exporting a static mesh (or meshes), simply select the meshes prior to exporting, then use the “Export Selected” option. For an Actor, you will need only the skin(s) and the export skeleton - so don’t select any of the rig elements, constraints, etc. For an animation (Motion), you will only need to select the export skeleton, you don’t even need the skin mesh for that.

You can also use the FBX export options and set up different preset profiles for the types of exports you are doing as well. When you choose File > Export Selection… □ (and pick the option box to open the Export Selection Options window), set the File type to “FBX export” and then hit the “Edit preset…” button. This will open up the FBX options window and let you save various profiles (such as geometry, actor, motion) that you set up yourself.

You can also write your own scripts and tools that will use the FBXExport command and its various settings to automatically select the elements of your scene which you wish to export.

See Maya’s documentation here:

So there are many ways to create the actual FBX file from a Maya scene, just make sure you export only selected items to keep the FBX file “light” and containing only the information you wish. Hope this helps!