How to prepare a UE4 server with GameLift for upload to Amazon GameLift service for hosting

Got my server to work with GameLiftLocal and I now want to upload it to the cloud to see how it really works but I can’t find anything on how to prepare a UE4 server build.
How do i prepare everything?

Think your guide only shows how to pack for Lumberyard?
Anyway I still don’t understand how to prepare my build.


Apologies for the delayed response @Primex — getting some support on this topic as we speak. Hang tight!

Man i’ve been stuck with this for soon a month, where is the support?

Hi @Primex,

After you integrate GameLift (sounds like you already have) create a UE4 dedicated server package ( & This should give you a package folder that has all the files in it needed to run your dedicated server, and it should run locally. If you’re running on a Windows server, create an Install.bat which installs redistributables and any redistributables needed by your dedicated server (Visual C++ Redistributable, DirectX etc). Put all those files in the package folder.

This related post has some guidance on creating an Install.bat for UE4 dedicated server:

Then, upload the package to Amazon GameLift using the aws command line interface (AWS CLI)