How to produce Realistic Graphics/rendering


Can anyone provide any way to produce realistic graphics and rendering like from Far Cry, GTA, COD style games? Note this has to be able to support a 24 hour time cycle and weather as well.


I can’t provide an answer relevant to Lumberyard, because I am new to using LY, however I would think that there are two things that would be important: “physically based rendering” (shaders/materials) and HDR/tonemapping.

“PBR” is afaik a shader/material system where the diffuse + reflection + refraction have a balanced output with regard to energy, such that you can’t have a 150% strength to ‘diffuse’. The sum of these three aspects combined can only be 100%. These three aspects represent how the light interact and scatter with materials in the real world, but, without simulating real light physically, just being clever math I guess.

A second thing, would be HDR/tonemapping, for creating realistic light, or rather, realistic shading of light I guess, with a cubic dropopp, as opposed to linear dropopp iirc. To compensate for really high energy values in light sources, like, the sun, or very bright light bulbs, the rendering engine has to clamp the higher values and tone map the colors to represent color data that can be rendered on a typical computer screen with RGB values from 0-255.

As a third thing, in CGI work generally, is it important to work in ‘linear color space’, and not RGB color space, however I am unsure how this relates to gaming, as I am only used to rendering CG images, nothing to go with game engines. Presumably, making textures for a game would have to rely on file textures made in linear color space. A somewhat confusing topic in itself.