How to reduce artifacts in light beams


I have a spot light with a light beam material applied, and I am using it to create light beams. It looks nice, but where it meets a mesh, there is some artifacting happening that looks a bit low res, and I would like to know how to maybe improve this, or change a setting to increase the visual quality, or a console variable that might help. I have attached an image of the problem if this helps. Thanks.

Sorry for the delayed reply @Cam, I am working on getting you answers for all of the lighting questions shortly.

Hey @Cam,

It might be the same as a previous post where you may need to look into the Time of Day Editor settings for Cascade Shadows to try and reduce the artifacts from the lights. Give that a shot and let us know if you’re still getting odd results.

Hello @Ajia, this doesn’t seem to have any effect on the problem. What is happening is a sort of aliased effect caused where the light beam meets the mesh, almost as if the light beam is being rendered at a lower res than everything else. It doesn’t seem to get controlled by the global fog or volumetric controls though the time of day editor, and I cannot find any Cvars that control it, so I am a little stuck!