How to remove/disable moon for space level

I am trying to create a space level with no terrain or anything except for the sun and skybox, but I cannot find any way to remove or disable the moon. Can anyone help me?

Yeah I was trying to remove the moon object, but I got it to do what I needed under Night Sky Multiplier --> Moon Color and Moon corona color. I believe the Moon object is still there, just black in color with no corona now, but I am almost sure the object is still there.

here’s a good tutorial on how to set a custom sky box.



You can also remove the moon texture or replace it with one that you want to use by going to RollupBar (Legacy) / Terrain Editing Tab / Environment and scrolling down to the parameter Moon. Delete the path to the moon texture:


You will still have a light in the sky but this can be removed in the Time of Day settings by setting the highlighted parameters to 0,0,0:


Thank you @BigMonet that’s what I was looking for. Much appreciated!

Awesome, glad it worked for you!