How to resolve shadow banding on FBX models exported from Blender 2.79?

I’m trying to figure out a workflow between Blender 2.79 and Lumberyard 1.18 but I’m already hitting an issue importing a simple 1m cube. Whenever I drop the cube asset into my scene, a simple point light causes this shadow banding on the cube surface:

For comparison, I’ve also added a couple cubes from the Primitive Assets gem which don’t show the same shadow banding on their surface. Seems like something is wrong w/ my normals? I’ve followed the best practices outlined in and have these Blender export settings:


Any tips would be helpful, thanks. (3.8 KB)

Hi @BarneysPosse,

I’ve exported several models from Blender to FBX to get objects into Lumberyard and it is really important that you have valid UVs, if I recall, the default Blender cube may not have them? Try selecting the cube assign a material and UV unwrap with a box projection.

This is one of the tips I dropped in the write-up for this little game jam: