How to rotate the camera around the selected object in editor?

Absolute noob here.

I notice that the editor camera navigation is loosely similar to 3ds max. However, I wasn’t able to find out how to rotate the camera around the selected entity like you would in various 3ds packages and other game engines. Like, I can right click+drag to pivot the camera in place, but how can I orbit the transform position of whatever I have selected?


select the entity in the “Entity Outliner” then right click & select “find in viewport”. you can do that by right clicking; pointing the camera at the entity & pressing “A” or “D” key while keeping the camera pointed at the entity & use middle mouse button for up & down. I think the reason it does not have it because unlike DCCs your not really doing any vertex precision editing just placing objects in the scene which they feel does not require that kind of a feature.

Thanks for the answer. So effectively, the workaround is like circle strafing in an FPS.