How to RTT(Render To Texture)


Hello Lumberyard Community.

I’m coming from development on another engine and recently discovered lumberyard and how polished it is. I’m trying to port over some functionally and there are a few question I have. I’m mainly wondering if I need to develop something or if its part of the lumberyard core.


Is it possible to pass a pixel buffer and render to a texture? And are there any examples of doing this? What part of the API should I be looking at? To explain I previously was rendering different cameras and a chromium instance to textures and was wondering if it was possible to do the same.

The only previous reference I found was this post, which doesn’t help much:

Hope my question makes sense.


Hi @Spex1848, one method you can pursue is using the same code path that rendering environment probes uses, or use the screenshot system and copy the framebuffer to a texture. This would not be a real time solution, but might be a work around you can use for now. I recommend turning off multi-threaded rendering (r_multithreaded 0) as well if you go this route.

I have an experimental version of render to texture that is not part of the engine yet, but I am looking into other options for distributing this code in a way where it won’t be supported, but would at least be available for testing by a wider audience. I’ve created an internal issue to track this request LY-84395.

UPDATE: Lumberyard 1.18 introduces the render to texture component which can be used to draw a scene to a texture

Hi @petrocket I am also looking for a solution to RTT which is one of the major things holding me back in LY. Have you made any progress on that in the last month by any chance? :slight_smile:

Also, we can’t access your jira. :wink:


Hi @petrocket, I probably could integrate it, but I can just wait if it will be released in an upcoming version. Greatly looking forward to it! Thanks for the reply!

Thanks @Uriah, we just use the issues for tracking internally. We are still testing the feature. How comfortable are you with integrating large code changes?

Actually @petrocket if you can post your code there are a few people on Discord and Slack who would like to test it and provide feedback! =)

Thank you for the follow up! Really excited to use the feature. Also really appreciate all the hard-work by the lumberyard team!