How to save flow graph with entity?

Probably it’s very ‘noob question’, but it isn’t obvious to me. I’ve created object with designer and exported it. Then I’ve placed basic physic entity with that object as a model and added flow graph. Now I’d like to save / export this ready to use entity (with flow graph attached) but can’t figure out how. Maybe I’m doing it wrong way?

If my description isn’t clear, here is an example:

  1. Create button shape and export it

  2. Create button entity (basic entity + exported object as model)

  3. Create flow graph that adds possibility to “press” button (and change it’s appearance)

Now I’d like to save that button and spawn them as many as I need in game.


  1. Select the object(s) you wish to save as a prefab.
  2. Go to “Prefabs > Create Prefab From Selected Object(s)”.
  3. You can now create instances of the prefab by dragging them out of “Database > Prefabs Library” or “RollupBar > Prefab”

Happy I could help, @ive.

Ok, I think I get it now. Just missed “extract all” option, which looks like what I was looking for. Thanks again :wink:

Thanks for replay.

Ok, I can save prefab that way, but still there is no flow graph attached to it. I guess I get it wrong. How can I copy logic with object? If flow graphs are not intended for this, maybe I should use Lua scripts?