How to Separate animations from skeleton that has many animations on its timeline?

When I make animations I make them one after another on the timeline when I export them to lumberyard I’m not sure how to separate them into there own animations. Like in unity or unreal. If you can help me to figure this out I thank you.

Hi @steveH - in order to break up a longer animation FBX file into separate Motions, you just need to find your FBX file in the Asset Browser, then right-click on the FBX file, and select “Edit Settings…” from the right-click menu.

When the Fbx Settings window opens, go to the “Motions” tab. For the first Motion that is displayed, click the “Add Modifier” menu button on the bottom right of the displayed Motion, and select “Motion range”. This will add the “Start frame” and “End frame” attributes to this Motion.

You will probably also want to rename your Motion something specific since you probably won’t want to use the file name for each Motion. Then you can just click the “Add another motion” button at the top of the Motion tab, and keep adding Motions and adding the Motion Range modifier to each Motion to specify another frame range for another motion.

When you are finished adding more Motions and setting their Motion Ranges, the last thing to do is press the “Update” button at the lower right of the window. This will trigger the Asset Processor to reprocess your FBX file, and split it up into the desired motions. You will also now have a .ASSETINFO file created next to your .FBX file with the same name, which stores information about this .FBX file such as the Motion Ranges you have added. If you are using any source control such as Perforce, please make sure to include the .ASSETINFO files with the .FBX files.

Hope this clears things up for you!

Ty so much.