How To Share Custom Editor Layouts

I wanted to share a custom editor layout with a friend which required a bit of digging, but here’s how to do it!

Sharing Your Layout

Anytime you save your current editor layout via View > Layouts > Save Layout… it will be saved into Lumberyard’s Windows registry.

Do a Windows search for RegEdit and open RegEdit.

Navigate to…

HKEY_CURRENT_USER > SOFTWARE > Amazon > Lumberyard > Editor > fancyWindowLayouts

(Once you select the fancyWindowsLayouts folder, you should see your different editor layout configurations)

With the fancyWindowsLayouts folder still highlighted click File > Export and save the .reg file.

This *.reg file can be shared with friends (or enemies if you’ve intentionally created an awful layout, muhaha). To import the editor layout open RegEdit and click File > Import… and provide the path the shared *.reg. Next time you open Lumberyard, you’ll be able to switch to your new layouts (View > Layouts).