How to shut off android configuration in lmbr_waf?

“lmbr_waf configure” keeps failing because it can’t find the android SDK. I have all of the capabilities enabled (rungame, runeditor, compilegame, compileengine, and compilesandbox) EXCEPT compileandroid. Still, it tries to configure android_armv7_gcc and fails because I don’t have the android SDK installed. Is there any way to stop it from doing this? It doesn’t proceed to generate the sln file because it bails out at this point.

The process should complete with errors. From my understanding, these errors are not an indication of an overall build failure, and you should be able to proceed.


Did you use Setup Assistant to set the android sdk path?

If I don’t have “compileandroid” enabled, why would I need to set that? I turned off Android support completely in the Setup Assistant. The problem is that lmbr_waf is still looking for Android files even when Android support is disabled.

You should actually not. If you look on the ‘Get started’ page and have ‘Compile for android’ unchecked, you should not get the req. for installing android.

It appears to bail out after the errors. No solution files are generated. If I then try “lmbr_waf build_win_x64_profile -p all”, it gives me the exact same output as “lmbr_waf configure”, with the Android errors. Nothing is built.

“Compile for Android” is not checked in the “Get Started” page. It is also not checked in the text output from lmbr_waf. I still get the error, and no solution files are generated.

Most of the GEMs are enabled, but In-App Purchases is not. The log is attached. I had to rename it to config.txt so that the upload would work. 3598-config.txt (126 KB)config.txt Thanks for taking a look!

Please post “…dev\BinTemp\config.log” as an attachment. EDIT: Also, which GEMs have you enabled? If you have enabled “In-App Purchases” this may require the Android SDK.

The problem was that /dev/WAF/environment.json was checked into Perforce, so SetupAssistant couldn’t write to it. The SetupAssistant knew that android was turned off, and lmbr_waf reported it as turned off in the initial output, but apparently it also checks that json file when generating the solution. It’s frustrating that SetupAssistant didn’t report the problem. Silently failing is no good. I had to dig through the python files in /dev/code/tools/waf-1.7.13 to figure out where the bad config was coming from.