How to split and combine roads?

I found an answer to the question in the documentation, but the reality looks quite different. I don’t see “split” and “Merge” “join” points. I have selected two points located next to different roads. and unfortunately I do not see how to unite these two points!

i think this might help

Hi @didzey,

I’m afraid the links/images you shared aren’t resolving so I’m not sure exactly what documentation you’re referring to, but it’s quite possible you’re looking at the legacy Spline tool from Cry Engine. The new Spline Component unfortunately has not yet had ‘Split’ or ‘Merge’ added. We would really like to do this we just haven’t had the opportunity yet.

Thanks for bringing this up, it’d be interesting to hear what your use-case is.




it’s strange why you can’t see the screenshots, it seems to have loaded correctly … Yes, you are talking about exactly what I meant. Thank. Now I know that this road function is not completely ready yet. I wanted to use it to build the streets of the city, but I think I will do other things now. I’ll take the “roads” when they’re ready… hopefully updates for roads will be released soon?

Hmm I’m not sure why the images aren’t working, I’ll try from another device later in case :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m afraid I’m not sure exactly when any Road/Spline updates will happen but with Component Mode (which Spline supports) it might be interesting to experiment with what’s required to support Split/Merge operations. It should be possible to get something experimental working.

I’m sure we will get back to it eventually! Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for bringing it up. It’s definitely on my todo list :slight_smile: