How to stop crashing when using the track editor


I am trying to use the track editor, to render a turnaround of a character, and I so far have had no luck with that. Lumberyard crashes frequently when using cameras or trying to set up the track editor. Also, I am unable to get the track editor to render out from the camera I want, as it tries instead to render from the default camera, and I have a issue with the image coming out really stretched if i have the window split between two panels, in the render its stretched, but when i only have 1 panel, the render comes out in the correct pixel ratio. whats going on?

Hello Jason,

I cannot upload the file, as it when compressed is ~5mb, and it is above the maximum upload allowed in the attatchment.


Hello @Cam,

I’m sorry you’re having troubles with the Trackview, and I’d like to get you back up and running. The first thing I’d like to get from you are any logs from the editor. There may be valuable info in them that might help us pinpoint the problem.

To find your logs:

  1. Go to: ly_install_path\dev\Cache\project_name\pc\user\log
  2. Put into a single zip file the following files: editor.log, error.dmp, error.log & log.txt
  3. Name the zip file:
  4. Upload the zip file in your next reply.
    Thanks for your time and I look forward to seeing your log files.

Hey @Cam, are you still having these issues?