How to tell if Incredibuild is working correctly?

Hey there! I’ve been trying to use Lumberyard for the last couple days, but the build times for projects are crazy long (2+ hours). I tried to enable Incredibuild following the instructions in the documentation, but I still can’t tell if it’s actually working because my build times are still at least 1-2 hours.
Looking at the Incredibuild agent there’s nothing in the build history and I have added my laptop to the configuration monitor but it doesn’t seem to use any of the available CPU.
Does anyone know how to check if Incredibuild is actually working?

In your build output you’ll see a line like this:

[WAF] Starting Incredibuild:

Then you can see in your coordinator monitor that it’s building and all that.

Reasons why IB won’t kick off:

  • you don’t have a Make & Build Tools seat
  • it’s not enabled in your waf settings.

Sidenote, it’s worthwhile to mention you won’t really get a big benefit out of IB unless you have other machines on your network building as well. Incredibuild on one machine has -some- benefit, but nothing particularly measurable.

e.g. - on our network we have ~10 machines working together, with sometimes up to like 150 cores contributing on a build. As a result, our clean build times dropped from a few hours to ~20 minutes, give or take.

hmm, the build output definitely doesn’t show “[WAF] Starting Incredibuild:”, but it does show incredibuild enabled. Which is probably from changing the settings from the LY documentation.
I’m gonna guess as you mentioned that my settings aren’t correct or maybe my incredibuild isn’t setup correctly.
I should have a Make & Build seat because I’m on the 30-day trial license that specifically says it allows for the M&B usage. I do have another computer that I’ve connected to IB to see if that will help a little, and plan to hookup another old one if it does.

Do you maybe have an example of how my settings should look?

Figured it out, and posting for anyone else who might run into the issue.

My problem was specific to the 30 day free trial license of Incredibuild. The pre-build check lumberyard does that occurs in (C:\Amazon\Lumberyard\\dev\Tools\build\waf-1.7.13\lmbrwaflib\ uses the output of Incredibuild’s “xgconsole.exe /QUERYLICENSE” to determine if the build can use IB. The logic specifically looks for “Make && Build Tools” in the returned license information, but if you have the “FreeDev” version (which includes a trial of that tool and others) that text isn’t explicitly included and so IB is not eligible for the build. Fixing that issue creates a second issue for the same lack of explicit text during the “dev_tool_accelerated” check.

To fix these issues open the file in your favorite editor and start at line 276 and add the or FreeDev like below:

# Make & Build Tools is required
    if not 'Make && Build Tools' or not 'FreeDev' in result:
        Logs.warn('Required Make && Build Tools Package not found.  Build will not be accelerated through Incredibuild')
        return False

    # Determine if the Dev Tool Acceleration package is available.  This package is required for consoles
    dev_tool_accelerated = 'IncrediBuild for Dev Tool Acceleration' or 'FreeDev' in result