How to trubleshoot a system entity component function that doesn't get called from the relative bus request from lua

I have an editor only system entity component and a bus with the relative functions.

When a broadcast request from lua is made these functions are silently not being called as breakpoints are never reached.

Component activates correctly and compiles with no errors and bus is properly displayed with all the relative functions in lua editor.

what can I check to troubleshot this issue?

Just after posting the question I found the error and it was a commented out connect bus in the activate .

However after a compilation I noticed that the error is still there.


Tried to connect to tick bus…connection is executed but the tick function is never called just like my custom bus events.

It’s like everything get disconnected at some but activate get called at editor start time and deactivate is never called so I guess it is still connected to both custom and tick buses.

Tomorrow I will try to get a different system component to connect to my custom bus just to double check.

Ended up that the component even if required by the module didn’t get in the system entity due to a bug I reported in past that makes lyzard.exe crash.

To make everything work I had to add manually my editor only component in Editor.xml to the Components list.

<Class name="AZStd::vector" field="Components" type="{2BADE35A-6F1B-4698-B2BC-3373D010020C}">
<Class name="GamelyEditorSystemComponent" field="element" version="1" type="{78DC9A79-E953-4BBF-8957-BCA201160B3E}">
<Class name="AZ::Component" field="BaseClass1" type="{EDFCB2CF-F75D-43BE-B26B-F35821B29247}">
<Class name="AZ::u64" field="Id" value="9224044877546021350" type="{D6597933-47CD-4FC8-B911-63F3E2B0993A}"/>

The fact that the component get init and activation function called tricked me to think it was properly being attached to the system entity.

Great find!