How to turn off Enviroment probe for certain objects?

Is it possible to sort shadows and light. How to make the light from the enviroment probe or point light etc not give light on some ducts? For example on my character or any other object? I need it to work for the environment, but it doesn’t have any effects for certain objects, such as characters, for example.

this question is still relevant. I want to achieve a result so that the scene is lit and the light does not fall on certain objects, for example, a character.


EDIT: I learned from the team Lumberyard does not support light exclusion lists.

This probably doesn’t help in your situation, but you can set the diffuse color of a mesh to black and then use the emissive property to “light” the mesh, this will exclude it from scene lighting. Linking lights to particular objects, however, isn’t supported.

I spent some time trying to figure this out for you but have been unable to work it out. Usually this is done through some sort of layers or light linking. I will see if someone on the team can answer this question.