How to upgrade Lumberyard with github?

I see the user guide page and this question tell how to update the Lumberyard, but the way is download and install the new Lumberyard and delete the old one.

But I just want to update the engine through Github, like just update the engine source code from Github then re-build the engine, but I don’t know how to do that - I don’t see the VS solution of Lumberyard. Please help.

The reason I want to do this is because upgrading Lumberyard taking too long, I want to just setup one time, then next time just rebuild & use, not re-download, re-install and re-uninstall.

Thank you for your explanation. but you said: “you won’t need the binaries since you’ll be building them.”, that’s what I’m asking :slight_smile: How can I build them?

Thanks, so here what I understand:
When there is a new Lumberyard version come out, I upgrade as follow:

Step 1: Pull new code from github.
Step 2: Download & copy & paste> the third party zip files: common and vc140 (using visual studio 2015)

Step 3: Do “lmbr_waf.bat build_win_x64_vs2015_profile”

Step 4: Go for a vacation when it’s compiling then come back and use Lumberyard.

Do I understand it correctly?

Good Afternoon @HDN,

I am a Technical Artist
on the Lumberyard Support team and wanted to provide some insight to your
question. First, we really appreciate your interest in both Lumberyard and our git
repo. In regards to your question, git is storing full versions of the code
available for download from our website and currently is not set up for
updating the client in the way you are inquiring about. If you wanted to use git
to retrieve the engine, you would need to fork it, clone it locally on your
machine, move your project files (should just be your game gem) over and
rebuild as you mentioned above.

That said, we have shared
your feedback with our product team and really appreciate your time and interest.


Thank you, I really appreciate it.