How to Upload Unreal Engine 4 game using GameLift servers to Steam? UE4 + Steam + GameLift

I use Gamelift servers for my game and now i want to upload my game to Steam. Steam requires Steam overlay to work, but i manange to get steam overlay only when using Steam Net Drivers.

This link is tutorial how to integrate SteamWorks SDK to Game. But it also says that i can disable SteamNetDrivers. Once I disabled them, no Steam Overlay.

But in order to use GameLift i cannot use Steam online Subsystem, i need to use default OSS (or maybe gamelift provides this for me programmatically).When i use steam OSS then i’ll recieve error : incompatible_unique_net_id

Are there any tutorials how to use UE4 with gamelift on Steam? Or Should i write my own subsystem?

I’m having the same issues. If the client has Steam enabled, it can’t connect to a Gamelift game session due to the incompatible_unique_net_id error.

Unfortunately I haven’t had much experience with Steam and Gamelift, but I know it can be done (ie DiscJam did it).

Theres a very useful set of workarounds documented here that hopefully should still be possible:

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Oh i just noticed i haven’t answered this :smiley: Well not steam you can add this to DefaultEngine.ini. Setup your steam as usual.