How to use Event Name in Camera Rig component?

I’m trying to rotate camera with mouse, I’ve read the doc about Camera Rig.

I have an Input component that has Event Name, I assign these Event Names for Camera Rig’s “Rotate Camera Target”'s Event Name.

But when I enter the game, the camera won’t rotate when I move my mouse.

So how can I properly use Event Name in Camera Rig component?

You could just start out with the player slice, it works fine I have mine done this way ofc, its a least a way to get going fwd for you.

MY trouble is that on camera rotate during play of my working level, the camera goes spastic, its hard to controll as its very unstable, wobbly. Its hard to game test under those conditions, so I"ve been trying go get camera rig working though having no luck on that part, keep getting errors of a missing class. THis is the error I get:

No classes could be found that derive from “ICameraTargetAcquirer”.

I just press on + next to first property of list in camera rig component.

Any idea whats going on are you are you still here :)?


I’m running into the same issue as @HDN, haven’t found a proper way of dealing with this issue yet.