How to use the behavior tree

How to use the behavior tree there is a video about it

Here is a small doc on it Behavior Tree - Lumberyard User Guide, you need to have an xml file for the behavior tree to even work. CryEngine has the behavior tree as well, but uses an editor to make behaviors. In LY you need to make the Behavior trees yourself in an xml file to use it in LY. :+1:

Hello, you have a video tutorial if I understand it

Im sorry I do not, maybe someone else knows more about the Behavior tree, but I have never used it myself, just know sort of how to use it, or at least why you would use it.

Thanks for your help

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I’ve started a custom Behavior Tree algorithm for Lumberyard using Lua, you can find the sources here: AliensGroup/LuaBehaviorTree4Lumberyard: A set of BehaviorTree nodes for Lumberyard, implemented using LuaBehaviorTree. ( It works and it’s fully customizable, but it’s not maintained now because I’m working on a C++ version using BehaviorTree.CPP, but this one will not be open source :upside_down_face:

I think the Lumberyard team will change or remove the current behavior tree system, because even in the docs the chapter talking about behavior tree nodes has been removed.

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