How to use the new Profiler?

According to the manual ( you should add the AzFramework::TargetManagementComponent to your application. But how? Where is the right place in my “Game” project to register my application with GridHub?

Hey @VitaminCpp,

I was able to get it to work by adding the component to
AZ::ComponentTypeList GameApplication::GetRequiredSystemComponents() const
in dev/Code/Framework/AzGameFramework/AzGameFramework/Application/GameApplication.cpp

Hope this helps!

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I have such question too. I open profiler.exe and want to monitor the performance, but it just attach to the editor. I need to move the mouse and then the profiling data can update. But the data is few and the details is empty. Where can I find the example?

I am not sure why so many are having troubles with this, if you are using lumberyard it is built in, you make a build of your project open it up. Once opened go to the profiler and a new one will appear which should say you project name. Once on it just start a record and play through a little to see what each level’s profile data would be. I do not know how else to help there is not much to the profiler if you are using lumberyard it just sort of works.

Thank you. My profiler’s target process list just can select the editor. Here no such a target process which named my project. Maybe my game should run detaching the editor?

I have never tried in editor, all profiler needs should be outside the editor because then you only get what your game truly needs to run. In editor I just tried does not work properly so I believe to get it working like it should just only use it out of editor if that makes sense?

I think you are right. How you run game outside the editor? I always run my game through click the “Play Game” button and it just run in the editor.

I know the reason. I need to run cmd : lmbr_waf build_win_x64_vs2019_profile -p game_and_engine and generate the client to run games and profiling it . Thank you all!


Hellow,I have another question:
How to profiling an Andriod APP? I note that profiler’s target just can find local process which runs on my PC. I connect the phone use usb and open debug button, then I install a apk named “BinAndroidArmv8Clang” which complied with lumberyard and keep it running, but it is not in the profiler’s target list.

Hey @wyc,
For profiling on mobile platforms, we recommend using RAD Telemetry. You can find out more about using RAD for profiling Lumberyard apps here: RAD Telemetry Gem - Lumberyard User Guide