Http Requests From GameLift Server

I have noticed that ports 1-1025 restricted when setting inbound access to a gameLift fleet.
I get this error when trying to allow access from port 443: Error! Cannot create the fleet. Reason: Port range (443-443) cannot overlap restricted port range (1-1025)..

It seems like some of the http requests from my game server are getting through but when I do a netstat -ab it does not seem as if port 80 or 443 is open.

I assume https requests from game server to my api gateway -> Lambda -> DynamoDB is a relatively standard setup? is port 443 not enabled by default?

Apologies for the lack of replies here.

When creating your fleet you are setting up what ports should be open to traffic to your server ie what your server needs to listen on.

Theres very few restrictions on outbound ports from your server, so your server is free to talk to almost anything and should have the ability to talk to any AWS service (given the right instance role and permissions etc)