I am having a difficult time trying to get a character to spawn and i really need some help.

To Spawn the player u need to make him a dynamic slice. You can look on you tube to do that. But a quick explanation is right click your player in the Entity Out Liner and right click and make him a slice. Save the slice where you want him to be in a folder. Then go to the asset browser and find the folder you save your player slice in. Then right click it and set him to be a dynamic slice. You can delete your player in the entity out liner, then make empty entity. Give it a spawner component. Press the button on the spawner component that lets u select your slice and set the player in your folder as the slice.Then add a lua component to your empty entity. Open up the lua script editor and create a new lua script. Add this to your lua script but change the name of the script to your script name. >>

Then add the code to your lua component on your empty entity. Create another empty entity name it spawn point move it to where you want your player to spawn then drag your spawn point to the lua component property spawn point. Then save you scene and press play and it should spawn your player at your spawn point location.