I can't increase maximum instance count

I’m runing UE4 dedicated server on GameLift. I confirmed it’s working as I expected except for scaling.

  • Region : eu-central-1
    • Fleet id : fleet-2e4edfd5-e3eb-46f5-afde-a5a2c480a71c, fleet-db46af71-d0b3-4c26-9c29-cd1bb6f84c6d
    • Fleet type : c4.large/m4.large
  • Region : us-east-1
    • Fleet id :fleet-58459bee-7f04-47a4-aa52-094a2e30c642
    • Fleet type : c4.large/m4.large
      When I tried to set maximum instance count in Fleet scale tab, it returns error message.

“Request 5 c4.large/ maximum EC2 instances exceeds the limit of 1 available”

Service limit is 20, but allocated only 1 instance.

It’s working now. Did you change settings?

Hey @Shin - We will take a look at your account settings and let you know what we find. Thanks for the heads up!

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