I can't install to any drive other than C:

I’ve tried numerous times to install lumberyard to my D: drive, which is much bigger than my C drive, my C drive is merely for my operating system.

At the very least it would be nice if I could designate where my project files go to but I couldn’t figure out that either.

If I could at least save my project files to my D: drive, that would be enough.

I’m not sure. Have you tried the github install method?

I always install it to D: myself, it works fine. Give another try.

In the Lumberyard setup application you can change the install directory.

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Another option, which is one that I use, is to install LY on C drive initially (using Github). Then create a symbolic link to a folder on D drive called 3rdParty and then copy over the contents from 3rdparty on C to the D drive folder. The 3rd party folder holds the majority of the used HD space so that should free up quite a bit on C for you.