I Created some Art in Lumberyard just to test out the workflow from substance painter.

I Created a sci fi barrel in blender and substance painter and exported it to lumberyard to see how it would look in the engine. And it looks very good to me. I love the rendering of stuff in lumberyard. And to me its better then most engines.

Lookin real good @steveH! Is the time of day set to high noon? You might get some interesting shadows by adjusting that and the sun angle. I bet they’d look cool with volumetric fog and some projector lights too!

Looks fantastic! All I need is a rocket launcher to blast 'em…


The barrels look pretty great, I would try to push them even further and add some emissive lights on them. Perhaps the red button on the bottom could be an animated light :slight_smile:

Yea I pritty much Got all the code done for the fps in lua. I’m Just trying to get the creating a project and exporting the game down so I know how long everything will take when I acctually make a full game.

There will be rockt launchers soon. Thank you.

Yea I was playing around with the time of day editor. I really like it. I’ll add lights and stuff when I create more assets.

I know. I will add Emissive lights on them soon.