I found two bugs in ui-physx lumberyard 1.23

Hi Ly team,

I verified pause button & next frame button for Nvidia PhysX components (PhysX Rigidbody component & PhysX Collider component), does not work , it is two bugs in two buttons in ly 1.23 :wink:


@_AhmadKarami, thanks for reporting these two UI bugs! We are considering our options with the PhysX components in future iterations. I will also be posting a forum survey Soon™ to get the community’s feedback on what improvements/changes people would like to see in the future for Lumberyard, so keep an eye out for that.

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You are welcome :wink: GREAT your news :heart_eyes: Thank you

One Tip : when I change/rechange Prespective/EntityInspector/EntityOutliner Windows , I see AI/Physics button, I think , it is a need for redesign UI/UX that section of buttons and textboxs , I hope I can translate my words & sentences… I’m sorry , I can not writing english very well , Please see this picture :point_down: :blush: