I have an interior with EVERYTHING texture baked, hence I don't need whatever fancy real time lighting stuff lumberyard have built in. How do I set up my material so that the diffuse get 100% texture without any of that PBR fancy stuff going on ?Thanks !

While we are at it, how do I turn off ALL the fancy lighting backend calculation that lumberyard is doing ? Since everything has been texture baked, I don’t need no fancy Global illumination real time bla bla going on.

From a TA:

  1. use no lights

  2. including no or little light contribution
    coming from the sky / time of day

  3. use your pre-lit diffuse as the emissive

Theorically you can also modify deferred shaders to just output diffuse channel directly to the render target and not write other gbuffer channels at all. and use a forward shaded material for the rest of the graphic where you still need lighting(es characters).

In this way after the initial work there is no special setup needed in the scene just using the right material and you also have ambient cast shadows on dynamic objects.

This is always an hack as this engine is not made for prebacked things and performances also doesn’t improve that much using prebacked as you incur in the cost of the deferred render setup in any case.

A more extreme setting is disabling hdr rendering… this disable any kind of lighting I don’t remember the command search for hdr in console vars this improves dramatically performances as you skip almost everything.