I have enough space on my pc but it still says insufficiant space

When I try starting the setup of lumberyard it says that I don’t have enough space while I am downloading it on my D:/ drive which has 150 gb of space and my temporary files are on D:/ so it shouldn’t be downloading on my C:/ drive which only has 1gb. I checked the logs but didn’t understand them. Please help

Pc: Windows 7

Hey there @Derek_McGee, Welcome to the Lumberyard Community!

I’m very sorry for this experience. Could I please get the logs for us to investigate this issue further? Also which version of Lumberyard are you try to install? :slight_smile:

Gotcha – just a heads up, I downloaded and installed the link provided on a new machine and it worked out. Might be a bug based on the situation. Could you please Zip up the .log file and post it here? :slight_smile:

Lumberyard Beta 1.12

I downloaded it from here (https://aws.amazon.com/lumberyard/downloads/)

I can’t seem to upload the logs because it isn’t a .txt but a .log

Thank you already

this should work

Thanks much! I’ve updated the devs with your logs for further investigation. Will get you an update ASAP. Apologies for the delays with this process.

Do you have any update for me about what is going on?

Hello I really want to use this program do you have anything

Hey @Derek_McGee, I’m very sorry for the extensive delays in response for this thread–We released Beta a few days ago, could you try downloading and installing this version and let us know if you’re still running into this issue? Again, very sorry for this frustrating experience :frowning: