I Need Help in terms of a game design Question, Boxing?

I am new to Lumberyard and I am very excited to be here. But I have a question that i really dont know how to word, but I am gonna try my best to put my thoughts/question down to make sense:

I would really like to make a boxing game here within Lumberyard, but I do not understand certain game mechanics (I guess could be the right word). The aspect of throwing punches (jab, straight, hook,uppercut) is that a mechanic of animation or is it a mechanic of C++/lua Scripting?

(If u come across this, please help me!!! I would really like to make something like this happen but just need some direction in order to take steps necessary to make it happen…)


Welcome to the forums!

my advice is that you should really start from the beginning and learn the basics of game design and mechanics, to the point where you are comfortable building systems like a health system, movement system, combat system etc…

For your question throwing a punch consist of both animations and Code (C++/lua/script canvas in case of LY)

you need animation for the visual look on the punch, and you need code (along with a hitbox or something like a raycast(a line from point to point) that tells you that you hit something, and if you hit something you can do things like deplete health, play a hit animation, particle effects etc.

most of the simple mechanics that you can build off of can be found in various places…I have a youtube channel that either has the basics you need or will have them in the near future!

Happy developing!.